Refund policy

By purchasing any of the plans we provide you fully agree to our refund policy and terms of service, at IPTVEros we have a 3 days full money back refund policy for all new users. 

our refund policy is a way to ensure for all new customers that we provide exactly what we promote, it’s not a trial where you can ask for a refund any time you like.

keep in mind that we send a refund only on the first three days of purchase after that we can’t send you any refund at all because each account gets reserved resources and it costs us the same if you used it for one day or a full month/year. 

note: all subscriptions get canceled automatically upon expiration if you didn’t renew we will not charge you anything when your subscription expires, there is no commitment.  

When This Refund Policy Applies? 

Our service is the “IPTV” = TV channels anything we refer to as “Bonus” on our pricing plans is not covered by our refund policy ( this encludes the EPG, the VOD, and the Catchup that’s why this refund policy applies only in these two cases:

1- We Didn’t Send You The Credentials To Your Email Within 48 Hours Of Purchase ( Didn’t Deliver The Service And You Didn’t Get Any Response From Us we asking us about the delay. ) This Does Not Include In Case the email went to the spam folder. 

all customers receive their account details typically within ( 1-8 hours ) but it can take a little bit longer if we have high demand since each new account needs to be created manually. 

if you didn’t receive your account details within 12 hours of purchase contact our customer support via email because you either wrote a typo or the email went to the spam folder. 

2- when you experience a total blockage from the server-side in the first three days of purchase the problem must be from our end ( the server ) and it blocked the streams of all the channesl not only some of them. where they went down and we could not provide the stream.

you might ask how to know if the problem is from the server?

  •  we always post a notice on our site notifying all customers in case we perform updates or run into issues, ( this doesn’t happen that often only 3-4 times a year in case we perform an update or there was a huge attack that required us to turn the firewalls to their full potential. )
  • we will also prove that the account is working by testing it on our devices and sending you screenshots of the results. 

keep in mind that if our service didn’t work for you this doesn’t mean that the problem is from the server-side. based on your setup many things can interfere with the connection. in that case, you can reach out to our customer support team where they will offer all the help you need.

When this refund policy doesn’t apply? 

Please Note That You Are Eligible To Get A Refund Only If The Technical Problem Was From Our Side And Caused A Total Blockage Of Our Service We Don’t Hold Responsibility If A Third Party Was The Problem Source ( Not having enough internet speed, ISP Putting Restrictions, A Bad Quality Service From A VPN Company, You IPTV Player Was Not Working And You Don’t Want To Use Another One, you didn’t set it up the proper way, your device don’t support IPTV or you have a very old device…).

just like explaining when you can ask for a refund, we need to be also transparent about when this policy doesn’t apply. 

note: in any of these cases our technical team will help you identify the problem source and make suggestions to fix the issue for you. 

always be respectful to our team when contacting us and you will find all the help you need. 

This Refund Policy Doesn’t Apply To These Cases. 

  •  Renewal: when you renew your subscription this means you’re fully satisfied with our service. the moment you renew we will reserve resources for the full period and because of that we can’t send any refund at all even within the first three days of renewal, this refund policy covers only new customers that are not familier with our service. 
  • Asking for a refund after the first 3 days of purchase: as we mentioned repeatedly a refund of any amount is not possible after the first 3 days of purchase, if you don’t agree to this policy don’t use our service any attempt for asking a refund out of our refund policy scope will cause to not responding to any of your messages at all. 
  • A Channel Doesn’t Work: You Are Looking For A Specific Channel We Never Said We Provide, Or It Doesn’t Work At The Moment, We Only Guarantee That 95% Of The Channels Will Work At Any Given Time, But If You Experience Some Problems With Any Channel Just Send Us An Email And We Will Look Into It Right Away But We Don’t Guarantee That A Specific Channel Will Be Working In The Exact Moment.
  • Catch-Up: We Have The Catch-Up Option Only On About 800 Channels If You Interested In Having It In A Specific Channel Please Contact Our Customer Support Before Purchasing Your Plan And They Will Look If The Catch-Up Option Is Available For The Channels You Are Interested The Most In. keep in mind that the catch-up requires a lot of resources and we can’t activate it on all the channels the catch-up can also get deleted if we’re performing updates to the server.   
  • Channels Requests: All Of The Channels Requests That Our Customers Made Are Transferred Directly To Our Technical Team, But We Don’t Make Any Promises That A Given Channel Will Be Added At A Given Time, Our Team Prefers To Operate Safely And They Will Add Only What Their Hands Can Get On, Always Review Our Channel List And Contact Our Customer Support For The Availability Before Buying, If A Specific Channel Is A Must For You.
  • EPG:  As We Mention On All The Pricing Plans, The EPG Is Available Only In About 60% Of The Total Number Of Channels We Provide, Sometimes The EPG Might Stop Working Temporary In Your End, Which Is Considered A “Normal-Problem” If You Reach Out To Our Customer Support They Will Give You Your EPG Link To Add In Your IPTV Player Along Side Some Recommended Fixes For This Problem, But We Don’t Make Any Promises That This Feature Will Work To You Right Away, It Can Take A Couple Of Hours/days To Work Back Properly If A Technical Issue Happened.
  • Server-Updates/ Maintenance: To Keep Our Service As Stable As You’re Used To, We Perform Regular Updates To It Normally Twice A Month Which Is Some Cases Can Cause Some Buffering In Your End temporarily ( a couple of hours ) Please Allow A Couple Of Hours For The Update To Complete An Everything Will Work Properly Again, always contact our customer support to confirm if we’re doing any updates. 
  • ISP: We don’t hold any responsibility if your ISP is applying restrictions on our server. we always recommend using a VPN when streaming to bypass any restrictions for your ISP. don’t subscribe to our service if you’re not willing to invest in a VPN subscription. 
  • VPN Company: In Case Your VPN Company Has An Issue Or Starts Interfering With Our Service You Will Have The Option To Use A Better VPN Services. 
  • Channels Quality: we have channels in SD/HD/FHD and some are 4k if you’re interested in having a channel at a certain quality make sure to contact our customer support before purchasing your subscription to confirm the availability and resolution of the channel. when you buy your subscription you fully accept what we currently have. 
  • A channnel/channel group no longer Available: our channels list page doesn’t include exactly what we currently have, as we update it once every 10 days. we may provide seasonal content and remove the channels once the event ended, we also can take some channels down for maintenance or remove them from our package indefinitely. our main goal at Eros is to provide as much content as we to our customers and be transparent about it but you should keep in mind that there many factors that define which channels we add or remove and our team does everything possible to give you the experience you’re looking for. 

Also, Note That We Make Every Attempt To Process The Refund As Quickly As Possible. But Our Payment Processor Or Your Financial Institution Can Take Up To 20 Days For The Refund To Reflect In Your Bank Account/Card.

To Restrict The Bad Use Of Our Service Once You Requested A Refund You Will Not Be Able To Subscribe Again To Our Service At Any Time In The Future.

how to request A Refund

Follow The Steps Below To Get Your Refund Request Sent To Us:

  1. make sure to first review the criteria where we issue a refund and give our customer support the chance to fix the issue for you by sending us an email at . 
  2. Contact Us At This Email Refund@Iptveros.Com.
  3. Use The Same Email Address You Use To Buy Our Services.
  4. Include The Reason ( a total blockage of our service, or didn’t send you the account details) , plus some useful information like what device you’re using, what is your internet connection speed, do you use a vPN, what iPTV player your are using.
  5. Our Team Will Get Back To You In Less Then 24 Hours If They Verify That Your Request Is Within Our Refund Policy You Will Get Another Email Confirms That We Sent You A Refund.

Request a refund after 3 days of purchase

Although We Do Our Best To Provide You The Most Convenient IPTV Experience In The Market We Understand That Like Any Other Business Some Factors Can Interfere With Our Goal Especially That Our Service Relies On Servers As An Essential Tool To Provide You The Service.

That’s Why It Is An Unbreakable Part Of The IPTV Industry To Have Some Technical Issues With The Host Side Which Might Cause In Some Cases A Short Blockage Of Our Service Or An Occasional Buffering In The Image Quality, Usually, Our Customers Don’t Notice Any Of That At All Because We Have A Dedicated Team That Maintains The Servers And Upgrade Them To Keep Up With The Demand And This Is What Separates Us From Other IPTV Providers.

That’s Why We Encourage You To Get In Touch With Our Support Team Any Time You Need Help Or Experience A Blockage On Our Service You Can Use The Contact Form On Our Contact Page Or Send An Email To Contact@Iptveros.Com.

there is no refund at all after the 3 days refund policy:  But That Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Make Things Right Anymore, Our Support Team Is Trained To Solve Any Problem You Have And Make Sure You Always Have The IPTV Service Up And Running, Contact Us And We Will Do Everything We Can To Make Sure You Have A Satisfying Experience With Us.