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what’s next?

don’t wait until we send you the account details, you can start the setup right now so you can stream the channels as soon as we send you the details. 

There are 3 essential steps you have to follow, the most important one you have done already which is getting an IPTV Subscription. 

What Is Left Is: 

2 – Getting a VPN Subscription ( Exclusive 3 free months offer ): We Recommend ExpressVPN Since It’s what works best with our server. You Can >  Click On This Link < If You Like To Give It A Try.


3- Choose The IPTV Player You Wanna Use and install it on your device:  You Will Find Setup Tutorials On Iptvhow.ComIf This Is Your First Time With IPTV You Can Read This Guide Where You Can Find Tutorials To Setup IPTV: Https://Iptvhow.Com/How-To-Start-Streaming-Iptv/

If You Have A Samsung Or LG TV We Recommend You To Get A Firestick Or A Chromecast To Get The Best Streaming Experience Because These Operating Systems Have Some Limitations. 



Note: If You Didn’t Find The Setup Guides For Your Device/IPTV Player On IPTVHOW, You Can Either Search For Them On Google By Typing ( Your Device Name +  Setup IPTV ) Or Reach Out To Our Customer Support team via email. 

What Should I Do If I Didn’t Get The Email From You?

 Thanks To Our Dedicated Support Team All Of Our Customers Get Their Credentials On The Same Day And We’ve Never Let One Of Our Customers Wait For More Than 24 Hours Of Purchase.

But If You Didn’t Receive The Email Within 24 Hours From Now Contact Us Via Email Because You Might Either Made A Typo When Writing Your Email Address Or The Email Went To The Spam Folder.